The strategy for quality in SYNECTA A.S. is designed to provide high quality services in accordance with international standards, regulations and technical specifications to meet customer expectations, as well as the needs in the field of contractor work. Based on these principles, priorities of the company SYNECTA A.S. are as follow:

• use of own resources in the most effective way;

• maximizing performance and competitive advantage;

• continuous improvement in order to respond timely to changing consumer demands;

• encourage suppliers and subcontractors to improve the quality of goods and services.


SYNECTA A.S is obliged to use all the resources necessary to maintain company’s ethical principles and the creation of healthy and safe working conditions with the help of the existed management system, as well as to ensure conditions at every workplace in accordance with the applicable norms and laws.

In order to achieve its main goal the prevention of accidents and workplace injuries the company SYNECTA A.S. focuses on the following priorities:

• general introduction, development and monitoring of regulations for the prevention of risks that may arise in the workplace;

• training of staff and all persons involved in the work;

• continuous improvement of company’s welfare and safety.


Management and employees of SYNECTA A.S. adhere to the following principles:

• compliance with the requirements of environmental protection system and ISO 14001: 2004 standards;

• the technical specifications of the customer, as well as applicable laws and regulations, compliance with which is required for the solution of environmental problems;

• preventing environmental pollution;

• the most effective use of natural resources;

• continuous development in the current area and setting new goals;

• constant awareness of staff, suppliers and contractors of the policy in the field of conservation of environment.